Sprout joins floating food forest Swale!

Sprout Farms
Sprout partners with floating food forest, Swale!
After a great 6 years building and tending gardens in Bushwick, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, and East Harlem, Sprout is excited to enter a new chapter in urban agriculture education, by bringing it's programing to Swale!
Swale is a floating food forest built atop a 5,000 square foot barge that docks in public parks and welcomes visitors to forage fruits and vegetables for free. Swale is an interactive public artwork that connects New Yorkers to urban ecology through engagement with perennial food forestry. Swale hosts tours, workshops, events, and serves as a platform, to call attention to the collective use of New York City’s land and waterways.
Swale aims to reach a multicultural inter-generational cross section of visitors, including community gardeners, nature deficient New Yorkers and ecologically-engaged waterfront sightseers to cultivate future land stewards. Sprout is becoming a program of Swale to further develop its Summer Internship Program and outreach with elementary, middle and high schools across Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.
In 2017, Swale will dock in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, taking part in dedicated outreach to youth and school groups in each neighborhood it travels to. Swale will continue Sprout’s mission to increase young peoples proximity to fresh, healthy foods and give students agency to care, cultivate and connect.
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Ways to get involved...

Swale is always looking for folks excited to get their hands dirty on evenings and weekends.

Bring your group
Swale gives tours and workshops for school groups, non-profit organizations and businesses. 

Host an event
As a public platform, Swale hosts workshops, panels, pop-up dinners, film screenings, volunteer days, and even private events.

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